definition: sexual relations to young boys

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Thrust Rumble
CATEGORIES: anime, anthology, non-con, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Minako No Ikenai Natsu
CATEGORIES: anime, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
Mommy Treatment on the Beach [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, incest, partly_colored, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
Shibotte Loli Babaa Sama
CATEGORIES: anime, visual_novel, lolicon, shotacon, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Try It with the Tutor!!
CATEGORIES: modern, vanilla, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: visual_novel, shotacon, tsundere, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: modern, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: anime, incest, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
Farm Play
CATEGORIES: modern, shotacon, lolicon, incest, VIEW_ALL
Naoshi-kun and His Elder Sis [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, shotacon, non-con, incest, VIEW_ALL
Pukkushi Punipuni Pakkuncho
CATEGORIES: modern, shotacon, partly_colored, lolicon, VIEW_ALL
Grow Up Plus After
CATEGORIES: fantasy, modern, vanilla, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
A Lesson Learned
CATEGORIES: school_life, kuudere, incest, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
Arasoi No Nai Sekai
CATEGORIES: modern, incest, shotacon, uncensored, VIEW_ALL
Love Love Lingerie
CATEGORIES: modern, incest, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
It's All My Brother's Fault [...]
CATEGORIES: anime, shotacon, incest, futanari, VIEW_ALL
Rengoku Rakuen Purgatory Par [...]
CATEGORIES: medieval, non-con, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
Midgard Eoh
CATEGORIES: anime, non-con, partly_colored, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
Living With An Oni
CATEGORIES: fantasy, medieval, shotacon, VIEW_ALL
Hot, Meaty Body
CATEGORIES: modern, shotacon, VIEW_ALL

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