Anthologyconsisting of various short stories not directly connected (223)
Bestialitysexual relations with non-humanoid animals (154)
Dandereappearing calm, quiet, and overall emotionless (91)
Deredereextreme lovingness/affection (204)
Deviantnon-vanilla themes that do not have a category listing (493)
Fully Coloredall story pages are colored (1180)
Furryfeaturing anthropomorphic animal characters (60)
Futanarifemale with male sex organs (664)
Gender Benderfeaturing a fantasy gender change of a character (234)
Guroexplicit and excessive bloodshed and violence (52)
Haremmultiple females attracted to a single male (606)
Incestsexual relations with blood relatives (1525)
Kuudereinitially cynical and cold but later reveals caring side (82)
Loliconsexual relations to young girls (1401)
Long Storya single story spanning more than 100 pages (163)
Netorarecuckold; stealing heroine from protagonist (440)
Non-connon-consensual sex (rape) (2037)
Partly Coloredsome story pages are colored (544)
Reverse Haremmultiple males attracted to a single female (276)
Ryonaviolently assaulted, beaten or tortured (90)
Short Storya single story spanning less than 5 pages (197)
Shotaconsexual relations to young boys (754)
Transgendervoluntary partial or full reversal of gender (43)
Tsundereinitially combative and irritable but later reveals a caring side (479)
Uncensoredcontains no censorship on private parts (588)
Vanillaconsensual, heterosexual, happy sex (5792)
Yandereinitially loving and caring but later becomes psychotic or deranged (87)
Yaoimales in a homosexual relationship (51)
Yurifemales in a homosexual relationship (not futanari) (531)

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