definition: a female teacher-like figure who tutors smaller groups than a teacher

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CATEGORIES: school_life, modern, anthology, incest, long_story, VIEW_ALL
Gyaru Katekyo Maji Kawaii
CATEGORIES: modern, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: modern, vanilla, uncensored, incest, VIEW_ALL
Ren'ai Stampede
CATEGORIES: modern, romance, school_life, uncensored, tsundere, incest, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: fantasy, modern, romance, tsundere, long_story, lolicon, VIEW_ALL
Step Up Giri Giri Sisters
CATEGORIES: modern, fully_colored, uncensored, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: romance, modern, partly_colored, long_story, incest, VIEW_ALL
Let Me Teach You How To Be M [...]
CATEGORIES: school_life, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Between Heaven And Hell
CATEGORIES: modern, harem, VIEW_ALL
Ithaca Riot
CATEGORIES: modern, comedy, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
The Daily Life Of Souma Sayo [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Mitogame Jouwa
CATEGORIES: modern, shotacon, incest, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: modern, psychological, shotacon, non-con, harem, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: school_life, modern, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Zutto Zutto Suki Datta
CATEGORIES: romance, modern, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Oneshota Sweetie - Oshioki S [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, psychological, shotacon, non-con, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: modern, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
In The Water
CATEGORIES: modern, romance, school_life, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Flower X Flower
CATEGORIES: modern, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
The Sexy, Heart-Pounding Stu [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, romance, vanilla, VIEW_ALL

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