definition: occurs mainly in a school setting featuring students and teachers

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Immoral Girl
CATEGORIES: school_life, partly_colored, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Happening Library
CATEGORIES: school_life, dandere, VIEW_ALL
Kitamura-san no Batsugeemu ( [...]
CATEGORIES: comedy, modern, school_life, vanilla, tsundere, uncensored, VIEW_ALL
Secret Flower Garden
CATEGORIES: school_life, romance, modern, shotacon, partly_colored, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Deep Stalker Hirogaru Shinsh [...]
CATEGORIES: school_life, horror, non-con, VIEW_ALL
Zettai! Zettai!! Ojou-sama
CATEGORIES: school_life, modern, uncensored, vanilla, deredere, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, non-con, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Infirmary Promise
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, futanari, VIEW_ALL
Let's make an experience
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Locker No Naka
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, incest, lolicon, VIEW_ALL
Gyu to Shite Wanko
CATEGORIES: school_life, romance, modern, vanilla, yuri, VIEW_ALL
Kegawa o Kita Kemono
CATEGORIES: school_life, modern, yandere, VIEW_ALL
Suicide Desire
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Kyoutaku no Shita de
CATEGORIES: modern, romance, school_life, lolicon, VIEW_ALL
Utsusemi Zenpen
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, yuri, VIEW_ALL
Hentai Kare X Kanojo
CATEGORIES: school_life, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
Mahiru's Nap!
CATEGORIES: comedy, modern, romance, vanilla, partly_colored, VIEW_ALL
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, vanilla, VIEW_ALL
If My Girlfriend Put on Some [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, romance, school_life, vanilla, deredere, VIEW_ALL
Erohon no Kawari Ni Classmat [...]
CATEGORIES: modern, school_life, fully_colored, shotacon, lolicon, VIEW_ALL

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