Actionincorporates action directly into the main storyline (96)
Adventurecontains an adventure in the story (39)
Animebased on an anime, manga, or light novel (3208)
Bizarreextreme and unusual situations (usually dark) (83)
Comedyexplicit humorous tone throughout the manga (617)
Dramafeaturing dramatic progression and emotional effect (222)
Fantasyinvolves magic, a dream world, or fairy tales (557)
Goreexplicit and excessive bloodshed and violence (30)
Historicclearly and obviously based on a time period in the past (86)
Horrorinvokes a feeling of fear or shock (30)
Medievaloccurs in a medieval setting (118)
Modernoccurs in a reasonably modern time period (6076)
Mythreferences known myths or legends (60)
Psychologicalinvokes a mental and emotional disturbance (221)
Romanceincludes a love story (love-making does not equate to romance) (783)
School Lifeoccurs mainly in a school setting featuring students and teachers (1079)
Scificontains science fiction elements (118)
Supernaturalcontains supernatural themes (273)
Video Gamebased on a video game (1752)
Visual Novelbased on a visual novel (329)
Yu-Gi-Oh (1)

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