TitleOmodume BOX 27, Omodume BOX 27, Omodume BOX 27, Omodume BOX 27
ArtistKushikatsu Koumei, Kushikatsu Koumei, Kushikatsu Koumei, Kushikatsu Koumei
Length22 pages
OriginHai to Gensou no Grimgar, Hai to Gensou no Grimgar


Genreanime, anime, anime, anime
Typeharem, harem, harem, incest, incest, incest
Settingbedroom, bedroom, bedroom
Fetishnone, none, none
Rolenormal, normal, normal
Relationshipfriend, friend, friend, underclassman, underclassman, underclassman, younger sister, younger sister, younger sister
Male Bodyteenager, teenager, teenager
Female Bodyshort hair, short hair, tanned, tanned, teenager, teenager, twintails, twintails
Groupingone on one, one on one, orgy (1 male), orgy (1 male)
Sceneblowjob, blowjob, breast sucking, breast sucking, clothed sex, clothed sex, consensual, consensual, cunnilingus, cunnilingus, fingering (female), fingering (female), groping, groping, handjob, handjob
Positionbutterfly, butterfly, cowgirl, cowgirl, deck chair, deck chair, doggy, doggy, lap dance, lap dance, missionary, missionary, pile driver, pile driver, rodeo, rodeo

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