TitleChinatsu to Kuma-chan Sensei, Chinatsu and Coach Teddy-Bear, Chinatsu to Kuma-chan Sensei, Chinatsu and Coach Teddy-Bear
ArtistAmazoness, Amazoness
Length43 pages


Genremodern, modern, school life, school life
Typefully colored, fully colored, vanilla, vanilla
Settingbath, bath, bedroom, bedroom
Fetishschool swimsuit, school swimsuit, student uniform, student uniform
Roleathlete, athlete, student, student
Relationshipteacher, teacher
Male Bodyadult, adult, beard, beard, dark skin, dark skin, hairy, hairy
Female Bodylarge breasts, large breasts, teenager, teenager
Groupingone on one
Scenebreast sucking, consensual, defloration, fingering (female), groping, watersports, x-ray sex
Positioncowgirl, doggy, missionary

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