TitleVictim Girls
ArtistFatal Pulse
Length472 pages
OriginAsobi ni Ikuyo, Code Geass, Fantasy Earth Zero, Infinite Stratos, Kantai Collection, Ragnarok Online, Saki, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, The Exiled Realm Of Arborea, The Tower Of Druaga, To-Love-Ru, Various, Working!!


Genreanime, video game, visual novel
Typeanthology, bestiality, guro, harem, incest, netorare, non-con, ryona
Settingbasement, bedroom, cave, doctors, dungeon, mansion, office, outer space, prison, public, warehouse
Fetishandrophobia, apron, assertive girl, bikini, collar, eye patch, glasses, high heels, impregnation, kemonomimi, latex, nonhuman girl, pregnant, sleeping girl, stockings, student uniform, uniform
Roleescort, nekomimi, normal, priest, princess, student, waitress, warrior
Relationshipacquaintance, enemy, fiance, friend, master, patient, pet, servant, stranger, workmate, younger sister
Male Bodyadult, animal, dark skin, exaggerated penis, horns, large penis, middle age, monster, muscular, small penis, tall
Female Bodyadult, animal ears, elf ears, exaggerated breasts, half animal, large breasts, small breasts, tail, teenager
Groupingfoursome (1 female), one on one, orgy (mainly male), orgy (mixed), threesome (1 male)
Sceneanal (female), aphrodisiac, blowjob, bondage, consensual, cunnilingus, defloration, discipline, dominance, double penetration, fingering (female), footjob, groping, humiliation, intercrural, interspecies sex, lactation, lotion, mind break, nonhuman, orgy, paizuri, props, rape, sex toys, spanking, squirt, tentacles, watersports, x-ray sex
Position69, butterfly, cowgirl, dancer, deck chair, doggy, drill, jockey, lap dance, lotus, missionary, pile driver, prison guard, reverse piggyback, standing, victory

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