TitleBitch With The Beast
Length220 pages


Genrehistoric, modern, school life
Typeanthology, netorare, non-con, reverse harem, shotacon, uncensored, vanilla
Settingbath, bedroom, classroom, dining room, dungeon, hospital, living room, pool, public, school, school nurses office, toilet
Fetishassertive girl, cosplay (female), glasses, high heels, lab coat, lingerie, shy girl, sporty, stockings, swimsuit, uniform
Roleninja, normal, nurse, priest, teacher
Relationshipacquaintance, anothers wife, enemy, friends mother, physician, teacher
Male Bodyadult, fat, teenager, young
Female Bodyadult, big butt, exaggerated breasts, large breasts, twintails
Groupingfoursome (1 female), one on one, orgy (1 female), threesome (1 female), threesome (1 male)
Sceneadultery, anal (female), aphrodisiac, blowjob, bondage, consensual, cunnilingus, discipline, double penetration, facesitting, fingering (female), groping, handjob, masturbation, mind break, orgy, paizuri, props, rape, submission
Position69, butterfly, cowgirl, dancer, deck chair, doggy, jockey, missionary, pile driver, prison guard, reverse piggyback, spoons, standing, teaspoons, unusual

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